Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pink Paislee | Craft Room Tour

This week, the Pink Paislee Design Team has been sharing a look at our craft spaces.  I kicked things off earlier this week with a tour of my craft area.  My craft space is in the master bedroom and has been for many years now. It’s been a functional space over the years, but because of the small size, I never really invested time into making it a stylish space. But this past December, I decided to do something about that!

I’ll start out with everything at my desk area. And if you’re wondering if it is always this clean, the answer is YES! HA! The kids wreak havoc on the rest of the house, so I love keeping my own little area of the world neat and organized. The only time you will find it messy is when I’m working on a project and if I have to leave a project unfinished for a while. But as soon as I’m done I always clean up, even if I plan on starting a new project.

Let me just tell you, if you can do it, put up peg boards for storage! It’s awesome! I love having it on the wall over my desk. I keep things close at hand that I use frequently when I’m working. And it’s functional and cute! You can hang wire baskets for storage, a screw driver holder turns into great scissor storage, and you can even display things like mini albums by hanging them on your peg board.

I also like to keep my current design team collections nearby, so I store them in the knock off Ikea cart next to my desk, along with the notebooks I use on a daily basis. And pencil/pen storage is a must. I picked up this wooden “bottle” container at Michael’s and it’s perfect for storing my favorite mechanical pencils and a few small scrapbooking tools.

For more storage, I have a shelf above my desk that is attached over my peg board… thank goodness for a handy hubby! I have a mix of products, photos, and decorative items that I keep on the shelf. And the brackets that hold the shelf in place are perfect for stringing thin wire and creating a photo line across the bottom of the shelf. Can you tell by now what my favorite colors are in my craft space??!!

I have an OLD table that used to serve as the table for my sewing machine until I made room for it on my desk because I used it so much. I turned the table into a space for things like my Silhouette Sketch Pens, roller stamps, flair buttons, and stamp paraphernalia. Recently, I decided to purchase contact paper that looks like butcher block and I used it to cover the top of the old table and also to cover the 8 foot white table that I use for my desk. I took some inspiration from Paige Evans and I have a small empty wall area that serves as a display for some of my favorite layouts.

I have two, large wire shelving units that are placed on opposite walls that make for great storage. I like to keep my collections in 13 inch Zip Lock bags to keep things all together and I store those collections by manufacturer in 13×13 boxes. I also have several white photo boxes that hold our photo CD’s, any loose photos, and small miscellaneous items that I may need. I keep a good bit of my scrapbook albums on the larger of the two shelves, but have recently slacked on putting layouts in albums. I probably have at least 150 layouts that are not in albums. I know… the horror!!

I decided it would be fun to create a video tour to go along with the photo tour, so you can check out my video for more on my Craft Room!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into my craft room! It’s a small space, but fits my needs perfectly! My advice to any of you that don’t have a separate craft room is to make what you have your dream space. With a bit of paint, a trip or two to the hardware store, and helpful hands, my space is just what I want it to be and I love sitting down at my desk to make pretty things!

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