Monday, April 2, 2012

What's In a Style?

If you've been scrapbooking for a while, I'm sure you've heard the term Scrapbook Style.  I usually don't have much of a problem picking out defined styles in other scrappers pages.  For example, I can usually spot a Kim Watson, Maggie Holmes, Elizabeth Kartchner, Laura Vegas (etc., etc., etc.) page from a mile away!!  :)  Their pages just have that certain "look" and you know it was made by them.  Most styles are placed into the following categories:  Shabby Chic, Graphic, Clean & Simple, Cutesy, Whimsical, Artsy, Eclectic...and I'm sure there are a couple of others I'm missing.  

Now after 6 1/2 years of Scrapbooking,  I think it's safe to say that I fall into the Cutesy & Whimsical style category.  Does that mean I've never tried or enjoy the other, but I think I do find that when I stay within those two styles, that's when I'm usually the happiest with my layouts.  I have dabbled in each one of the above over the past years, and I will give you a run down on why I have found they don't work as well for me:

Shabby Chic - These are always beautiful pages created by very talented Ladies and I usually oogle over them every time I see one.  Why it's not for me...First off I am layering challenged.  Try as I may, I just can't seem to visualize and execute it to make it look right.  Secondly, and most importantly, I am really cheap and stingy with my I hate using so many of them on one individual layout!!  :)

Graphic - Two BIG reasons...White Space and Minimal Supplies!  I think I am more afraid of white space, than the Big Bad Wolf!!  HA!  And even though I am cheap, I still like to use a good bit of embellishments on my page.

Clean & Simple - See above under Graphic...extreme fear of the use of white space!!  :)  But the funny thing is, that at Club CK last year, they did a Style Swap feature.  We were challenged to take on a style that is not one that we usually work with.  I decided to try Clean & Simple and much to my surprise, it was one of the ones chosen as a favorite during the Style Swap week!!

Artsy - I am a first-born child, with Type A personality, so when I do a layout, I usually actually "layout" almost everything on my page the way I want it.  Then I take my adhesive and try to systematically adhere everything to the spot that it's in.  Now this just doesn't leave much room for a lot of distressing, misting, painting, and other mediums like that!!  :)

Eclectic - I think Eclectic Scrapbookers always find really cool ways to use every day items that aren't necessarily in the scrapbook realm, to use on their layouts and projects.  They have a great creative talent that gives them a new outlook on how to use things around their house or where ever they may find, not so much!!  I am usually more black & white in my thinking and I don't have any trouble re-creating a cool idea or technique that someone else has thought of...but chances are, that I'm not going to come up with the idea on my own.

Now, for a little bit about why I think I work so well with the Cutesy and Whimsical style.  About 95% of may layouts are about my children and I think it is fun to tell the story of the photos, with the design on my page.  I like to use cute embellishments that work in with the theme of my photos and I love to create scenes that mimic my photos.  For example, doing a sun and clouds on a Summer layout or grass, flowers and a tree on an outdoor layout.  And to confuse you even more since we've already talked about the different Styles, I think I have a "signature" on my layouts also.  By this I mean, there is usually some kind of brown on almost all of my layouts, whether it's brown paper, brown pen, or brown in my embellishments.  I also like using some kind of scallop or punch and I love adding stitching to my layouts.

SO, with all of that said, I have a definite Cutesy layout to share with you that I created for Case File #13 at CSI.      

For the Evidence this week, I used a pinwheel, hearts, twine, and a map print.  I documented play from the Testimony choices this week.

Hopefully, I didn't bore you with the Style run down in this post, but offered a few helpful pointers.  And if you are still looking for your Style, you might want to try working with a couple of different ones, to find out where you're most comfortable.  If you are secure in your style and definitely know what you like, it might be fun to step out on a limb and do a Style Swap, just to see what happens with the end result.  It might not change your mind about your current style, but I think it helps stretch and grow us!!

Products Used:

Patterned Paper, Stick, Pins, Brads, Twine:  My Mind's Eye
Thickers:  American Crafts
Punches:  Anna Griffin & Marvy
Buttons:  Dill-Buttons
Edgers:  Provo Craft
Chipboard Circle:  Martha Stewart 


  1. this is a great post Ashley, I often wonder what kind of style I have, I guess I would say "anything goes" it all seems to depend on the mood I am in...I like white space, I also like a filled up page, I agree with you about the shabby...I couldn't do the layering that some people do and I also couldn't afford to use that many products, although those layouts are breathtaking...your CSI layout is adorable, love the color scheme...and cute pinwheels! :)

  2. Great descriptions of the different styles! Love how you placed the envelope behind the pinwheel and used the pins for the butterfly antennae.

  3. Love your layout, Ashley!! Great job with the challenge! I loved reading your post! I have always loved your style, and think you nailed it on the head! :)

  4. I love this post. The way you broke down the different styles and explained why they didn't work for you- I was thinking, we must share a scrapbook brain, lol! I am SO much the same way!!
    Heather P :)

  5. Fantastic post. Love the definations of each style. I think I'm a mixture of artsy with a little clean & simple, graphic.

    Love your style! Whatever the defination is :)

  6. I have always felt that I am the clean and simple style. I think I will try to step out of my safe box more and try some new things. Great post Ashley!

  7. Very cute- love the outlined title and all the butterflies!

  8. Fabulous layout. Love all the details you added to it.

  9. Yes-- you are cutesy and whimsical for sure and that is what I LOVE about your LO's. And I always know when a LO is yours -- you sure have a signature style. What would you say my style is? I used to be pretty plain and simple, but I have tried to move past that a little bit. Great page, as always!

  10. Yes-- you are cutesy and whimsical for sure and that is what I LOVE about your LO's. And I always know when a LO is yours -- you sure have a signature style. What would you say my style is? I used to be pretty plain and simple, but I have tried to move past that a little bit. Great page, as always!

  11. I love your cutesy & whimsy style! It's always perfect, and it fits your photos to a tee :) This one is awesome, as usual...those butterflies are my favorite! So glad you worked out with us at ScrapFIT!

  12. WOW! What a wonderful LO!! So many amazing things on this LO. Love the stick pins for your butterfly antenna!! Thanks for joining us for the Weekend Warm-Up at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings

  13. Very cute! Love the pinwheels! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT!!!