Monday, May 21, 2012

Washi Love - Trash to Treasure Box

Okay, raise your hand if you love Washi Tape!!  I am raising both of mine!  :)  I don't know about you, but this little roll of goodness is my new favorite of favorites in the scrapbooking world.  If you have no clue what Washi Tape is...let me give you a little explanation:  Washi Tape is basically various rolls of decorative tape...different sized rolls, in all kinds of fun colors and patterns and it is repositional.  And you may be wondering how in the world you use Washi Tape?  Layouts, home dec projects, on cards, making embellishments, taping your kids' mouth shut (well, maybe not that last one...but it would be nice!!)  :)  There are endless possibilities for this must have product!

Now, I must admit that I only currently own 7 rolls of Washi Tape, but I just started my collection a few weeks ago.  But I do plan on adding to my stash, next week, when an order of several rolls arrive at my house from A Cherry on Top!!  Today, I was sitting around thinking about where to store my Washi Tape - because even when I'm not crafting, I am still working on ideas for stuff in my head - true signs of a scrap-a-holic.  I started wondering what I had around the house, that I could upcycle into a Washi Tape holder and from there, I headed to our pantry.  Lo and behold, I just happened to find an empty gum box on the shelf...yes, I buy gum in bulk, because fresh breath is important around here!!  :)  Then I headed to my craft desk and started working.

Here is how it played out:

Step 1 - I measured my box.  The height was around 2.5 inches and the total length of the box, counting all four sides was 16 inches.  I cut my first piece of paper to 2.5x9, and then I used a pencil to mark where I would need to make my folds to fit around the box.  Once my paper was folded at the appropriate spots, I used a large Zig Pen to cover the box and adhere the paper.  I repeated this step with the other side of the box, cutting the length a little shorter than 9 inches. 

Step 2 - I grabbed a couple of rolls of my Washi Tape, to decorate and finish of the edges.  I used a chevron pattern from SEI, to go around the top edges of the box and some SMASH tape from K&Company to finish off the side edges.

Step 3 - I added a little bit of flair to the box.  I used another piece of the SMASH tape and a toothpick, to create a flag banner.  I just folded the tape over on itself and cut a notch in the end.  I grabbed some teeny alphas from Glitz Designs, to add the word Washi and cut out a tiny heart, to represent the word "love".  And last, but not least, I popped on a cute little flower from American Crafts.

Fun and Functional!!  I am sure that my Washi Tape collection will eventually outgrow my cute, little box but for now, it's pretty much perfect.  Once I reach that point, I'll start looking around for something new to upcycle, to make room for all of those rolls of tape!!  :)

Products Used:

Patterned Paper:  Echo Park & Bella Blvd.

Washi Tape:  SEI & K&Company
Teeny Alphas:  Glitz Designs
Flower:  American Crafts
Adhesive:  Zig Memory System
Other:  Box & Toothpick 


  1. That box is sooooooo clever!!! I just loveeeeeeee how you added the washi tape to it!!!! And shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell everyone -- but I OWN NONE!! Not one roll!!! YIKES!! Think I better fix that before the trend is GONE!! LOL!!!!

  2. What a fun way to store your tape Ashley! Very clever and cute too! I must get my hands on some soon!

  3. Oh I loooove this idea! :) I think it's so neat that you used washi tape to decorate a washi tape box!! :)

  4. Cute idea Ashley, you crack me up with the gum daughter is a gum addict, gotta have that fresh had the same predicament a few weeks ago and threw all my washi into a big glass bowl that belonged to my hubby's aunt, for now it works but a box is cool too, I could line them up and see what I have better...thanks for the idea :)

  5. how cute! and CREATIVE--love it!

  6. Clever idea Ashley!!! One new trend I haven't played with yet. I think I have one roll somewhere that came in a kit.