Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Beginning...Let's see how successful this is!

Okay, I have to get this out in the open before we go any further...this is NOT my first Blog!  Where are those other blogs I started and vowed to keep updated?  Sadly, they are lost somewhere in cyberspace!  But let's hope "The Paper Doll" will be a little bit different, because it will be an outlet for my favorite hobby...Scrapbooking!!  I know what you're thinking, "It's not enough that you scrapbook, but now you've got to have a blog about it too?"  Well I say, "Everyone else has one, so I want one too!"  So here it is.  I have spent way to much time designing the title for my blog and picking out just the right colors (but it is stinkin' cute), and I am tyring to figure out what all the gadgets are and how to make my blog rival that of Dear Lizzy (like that will ever happen), and I should be in bed because it is really late and I have to get up early for church...but I always get sucked into this computer and this thing known as the World Wide Web.  So I will end, not with a vow to keep my blog updated everyday, but only to remember my sign in and password to actually get to my blog.  I guess that's a start!  :)


  1. Love the background Ashley!!! Can't wait to see your inspriation - your work is great, so this would be a great place to showcase it!

  2. Love the colors and your blog header. Cute! I am way behind on my blog, still posting photos from a trip in July! :-( I hope to get caught up soon.