Friday, March 18, 2011

Rolled Flower Tutorial

I absolutely love the rolled flowers that are showing up on layouts these days.  Unfortunately, I don't sew and there's not really any fabric laying around my house.  So today I thought, "why can't I get the same effect by using paper?".  Here is what I came up with!  Give it a try!!

Step 1:  Choose your paper.  Double sided with a simliar color scheme on both sides, works best.

Step 2:  Cut 1x12 inch strips from your paper.

Step 3:  Dampen both sides of the paper using water.  I found that using a sponge is a great way to control the amount of water.  You don't want it soaked, just damp.

Step 4:  Roll/twist your paper.  Be careful not to tear all the way through the paper.  A little tearing will add more dimension to your flower.

Step 5:  Begin rolling your flower together.  Try to keep the roll tight as you go.

Step 6:  Once you have your flower completely rolled, hold and flip it over.  Use your hot glue gun all over the backside of your flower and let dry, to secure it.

Step 7:  If you would like to make your flower larger, start with step 3 again and then attach the end with your glue gun.  Roll your paper strip along with the first flower and then repeat Step 6.

Once your flowers are complete, you can add buttons, brads, gems, etc. to the center to dress them up a little bit.  Voila!!  Then add them to your lo.  See what kind of fun ways you can come up with to use these flowers!


  1. Awesome tutorial!! I love the look of these! I am now a follower too!! :)

  2. Great idea! Now I can do them out of coordinated paper! Love the ones you've made. I am going to become a follower of your blog.

  3. That is a lot easier than how I have been doing them! Awesome Ashley.. THANK you for sharing!!! YOU ROCK!

  4. So cute!I always wondered how those were made. Now show us how to use them :) I always make stuff and can't figure out how to use it on a layout.

  5. How very clever of you, Ashley! Looks fabulous!