Saturday, September 8, 2012

Step Class #8: Misting with Stickers & Negatives

Hi Everyone!  I am so excited to be hosting my first Step Class at ScrapFIT and Sheila will be taking over as our Gab Girl on Facebook.  I know you will want to "Like" the ScrapFIT Facebook page and keep up with all of the goings on around here!

So let's get to our new Step Class for this month!  Sometimes, I find it hard to focus in on one thing for a tutorial because there are so many awesome things floating around out there in the scrappy world.  But one thing, I am constantly doing on my layouts, is using Spray Mist and negatives and usually combining the two.  So for this month, I want you to Mist on your layouts (or cards) using Spray Mist along with stickers and/or negatives (die cuts or masks).  

I'll walk you through the process I used for my page and then offer up a few more suggestions for you.

Step 1:  Select your background paper and have your photos ready.  Decide where you want to place the photos on your layout and if you are using a mask, add it in place also.

Step 2:  Once you have decided on your placement, remove your photos and any other papers you used in deciding your design.  Then you can move your layout with the mask still in place to an area where it is safe to mist.  Spray over your mask and then remove it from your page.

Step 3.  After you remove your mask, choose some letter stickers and place them over the misted area on your page.  When placing your stickers, do not push them down securely to your page, but just lightly place them and make sure none of the edges are sticking up.  

 Step 4.  Choose your second color of mist and spray over the area with your stickers.  Remove your stickers and you will have a negative space created by the mist.  If you have a die cut machine, you can use it to cut the letters for the second part of your title.  If you don't have a die cut machine, you can just use stickers for your entire title.  If you are using a negative cut title, make sure you place some larger pieces of paper under the edges to protect your paper when you spray.

Step 5.  After you spray over your negative cut, you will end up with title letters that look like this:

Step 6.  And if you want to have a little more fun with your mask and mist, place it in the corner of your page at the top and bottom.  For the effect I created on my layout, I took the nozzle out of the Spray Mist bottle and rubbed it over my pointer finger.  Then I just continued dabbing my finger over the mask to fill in the negative spaces with the Orange spray mist.

 Here is what I ended up with, once I put my page all together

 And that's it!! Easy Peasy!  Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much, since this is my first time up doing the Step Class!!  :)  

I also wanted to share a couple of options with you too.  If you don't have any spray mist, you can create your own, by purchasing a spray nozzle bottle and mixing in acrylic paint with water.  Just make sure your ratio of paint is very small, to keep from clogging the bottle when you spray.  And if you want to "jazz" up you misted title even more, you can outline it with a fine tip pen or if you are feeling really creative, you can stitch around your title with embroidery floss.

Now, it's your turn and I can't wait to see what all of you create!!

Link up below for a chance to be our featured Step Class FITgirl and have your project displayed on our Blog for a whole month!

You have until September 21 to link up your project at ScrapFIT---I will announce the winner on September 22.


  1. Such an AWESOME technique Ashley!!!!! WOW!!!! I am LOVING your lo too!!!! Loving the masking and those little waves you did!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. First off, I LOVE the new look on your blog!! Second, this is a great tutorial on the masking technique. It works perfectly on this layout!

  3. I love the masking and misting in this layout...great techniques.

  4. Gorgeous LO!! Love your techniques - thank so much for sharing!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  5. That one is awesome design. I love Scrapbooking.
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