Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Digging on Diagonal!

Have you noticed that Diagonal lines have become really popular lately.  The "visual triangle" used to be the "in thing" on layouts, but watch out for the Diagonal design, because it's setting up it's own territory!!  And Love My Tapes is definitely on board with the Diagonal trend, with the awesome Teal Diagonal is one of my favorites!!!  I think it might just be showing up on about 99.9% of my layouts recently...and today is no exception.  I used it at the bottom of my page to create a doubled up Diagonal.  

I drew a line across the page using a pencil and ruler and then added my first piece of tape on a Diagonal line, to match up with the pencil mark.  I continued added the other pieces and just eye-balled the space in between each piece of tape.  It helped having the lines on the tape, because I was able to keep them lined up, to help with the look of the pattern.  I also used another of my favorite tapes on this one.  The With Love tape made a great border at the top of my page and I love that it comes in Gray, which is also a really popular color right now.

Make sure you give this a try on your next layout or project and it will work with any of your Love My Tape pattern designs!!

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  1. I love how you created your own diagonal lines. Very cute LO!