Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pink Paislee | Diagonal Canvas

Angles can be used to add a lot of interest to your projects. I love to use diagonal lines on my layouts, but it’s also fun to create a diagonal look on your other projects. I used a mix of patterned paper strips to create a diagonal design on an 8×8 canvas that would look great displayed on the wall.

I’ve got a step-by-step tutorial to share with you, showing how easy it is to create this canvas.

Step 1: Use your paper trimmer to cut a variety of paper strips. The manufacturer strips at the bottom of the 12×12 patterned papers are perfect for this step.

Step 2: Use a liquid adhesive or Mod Podge to cover your canvas. I used a foam brush to add the adhesive and only coated one half of the canvas at a time so I could add the patterned paper strips before the adhesive had time to dry. Start your diagonal design by adding your first strip along the diagonal of the canvas.

Step 3: Once your first strip is in place, start adding the rest of the patterned paper strips that you cut. Place them right up against one another so the canvas doesn’t show through.

Step 4: Once all of the paper strips have been added and your adhesive is dry, use a pair of scissors or craft knife to trim the excess paper from the canvas.

Step 5: Now that your diagonal design is finished, grab some coordinating embellishments and decorate your canvas.

This project can be altered in so many ways to fit your home decor and it’s a fun technique to try on your layouts too!

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