Friday, May 29, 2015

Illustrated Faith | I Am

I was up on the Illustrated Faith Blog yesterday, sharing a new entry in my Journaling Bible.  I wanted to highlight Exodus 3:14.  I’ve always loved the story of Moses, from beginning to end.  It’s such a great story of God’s guidance and provision for His people.  Moses was the master of excuses, but God had a much bigger plan and used Moses in great ways.
Exodus 3:14 is one of my favorite verses.  God flat out tells Moses who He is, and who He wants Moses to tell the people that He is.  A lot of times I feel like Moses, with excuses that don’t really amount to much, in God’s greater plan.  I wanted to pull the phrase I Am from the verse and repeat it in the margin of my Bible.  Repetition is good…it makes us remember.  As a matter of fact, God says it twice in that one verse.  So it’s safe to say, that it’s really important!  It’s easy to forget, that God is I Am, when I’m worried about solving my own problems and I’m not focused on what He has planned for me.

It’s a daily decision to remember, that God is I Am and I am not.  I don’t always let Him take that role, if I’m in a Moses mode and full of excuses.  But I know that God is always faithful and ready to guide me and use me, when I realize I need to listen to Him, instead of coming up with reasons not to listen to Him.

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