Saturday, April 11, 2015

Journaling Bible Share

Happy Saturday everyone!  We are in for a rainy weekend and apparently a rainy week.  But I don't mind, because I would much rather it be rainy, than bright and hot!  :)  I wanted to pop in today, to share some of the new entries in my Journaling Bible.  I haven't had time to post them here, because things have just been so busy.  But I'm attempting to keep up with everything, even if I have to share it a little bit late!  :)

I won't go in to detail for each one of these, since I have so many to share in this one post.  Next time, I'll try to get them individually posted, so there won't be so many at one time.  

Some short notes to share:  

* The first two entries from Exodus and Matthew were sermons from a couple of churches that we've recently visited.  And we have decided to move from our current church to 3 Circle Church (the first image is from this new church, and it was a series on the Names of God).

* The next two entries were created, based on the Easter story.  The double sided entry, was created based on the Palm Sunday sermon.  He is not here, He is Risen was created, just based on reading over the Crucifixion, Burial and Resurrection.  I love how everything on that single page encompasses everything that Jesus did for us.

* I was inspired to create the 2 Corinthians entry, when I received the Illustrated Faith Newsletter, which included the Grace Alone card.  I printed the card on Vellum, and used some Washi Tape and my tiny attacher to adhere it to the page.  Even though it is layered over the verses on the left hand column, I can easily lift it up, and still see the scriptures.

* If you would like to receive the Illustrated Faith Newsletter, just visit the website and enter your email address to sign up!

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