Monday, August 8, 2016

Stretch Your Sketch with Missy Whidden

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm excited to share a new YouTube Video Series that starts today.  Missy Whidden and I have teamed up for Stretch Your Sketch.  Over the next four weeks (on Monday), we'll have a new layout and video to share with you on our YouTube channels.  Our layouts are based on a Sketch, that we will use in four different ways.  We hope this series inspires you to look at sketches in whole new ways and get more out of the sketches you're using.

In addition to the free Sketch, there is also a Free Cut File set to go along with the series.  You can download the Sketch and Cut File set, by visiting our YouTube channels and checking out today's video.  A link for the download is included in comments section of each of our videos.

I hope you'll visit our channels today and check out both videos!

You can find my first week video HERE.   

You can find Missy's first week video HERE

If you haven't subscribed to our channels yet, we would love for you to become a new subscriber.   And don't forget to leave a thumbs up for this week's videos! 

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